At Eze Talk we’re dedicated to bringing the latest cutting edge technology solutions to our customers.  The latest innovation sees the launch of the Multi Network Coverage SIM, a unique service that means should you lose mobile phone signal, you are able to hop seamlessly from one carrier network to the next strongest one, wherever there is signal in the UK.

This service is currently not available from the big four mobile phone carriers in the UK.  It eradicates those frustrating business conversations that drop out and are lost due to lack of signal.  This may be due to a poor mobile network within offices, or companies that are required to be mobile themselves, such as field sales or transport companies.  This unique service gives you the ability to ‘roam’ onto the strongest other UK mobile networks to keep you and your business moving!

The MultiNet SIM is available as an optional bolt on for new and existing customers.  It provides a reliable mobile network across the UK, ensuring you are never out of touch from the needs of your business or customers.

Key benefits

  • Provides real advantages for businesses who need a reliable network coverage.
  • Reduces inefficiencies resulting in lost mobile signal, improves communication and customer experience.
  • Works automatically and searches for the strongest network.
  • As it is a bolt on, you can provide this service to only those who need it within your organisation.
  • Covers multiple networks.
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden extras.

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