Do you still need a landline for broadband?

It wasn’t that long ago when the majority of people relied on their landline for keeping in touch with others. Despite the phenomenal growth of smartphones, the majority of homes still have a landline even if the landline is rarely used to make phone calls.

Paying for a landline phone that you rarely use can be more than frustrating; while it may seem there’s no other option, it may actually work out cheaper to keep your landline even if you don’t think you’ll use it to make calls.

What’s your package? 

 When seeking the best broadband packages, you’ll usually come across packages that offer free calls at certain times but remember that this may not apply when calling mobiles. Don’t get caught out by running up a hefty phone bill because you don’t know when calls are cheaper or even free. At eZe-Talk, we offer several landline packages, which come with super fast broadband and free calls to other landline and mobile depending on the package, visit to find out more.

 Pay upfront 

 Depending on the network provider, paying one lump sum off could actually save you money in the long run! This may be worth considering. 

Pay by Direct Debit

Setting up a Direct Debit saves a lot of time and hassle, since you won’t need to mess around with cheques, cash or debit cards each month. Instead your bull is paid automatically by your bank each month. It’s the simplest way to ensure your bill is paid in full on time each month, giving you peace of mind!

At eZe-Talk we understand how important it is to keep your business connected without the worry of high costs. We offer a range of business broadband options to suit your business, and if you’re unsure which solution we suit your requirements, then we’d be happy to help! Contact us today on 01270 531 123