Stop Nuisance Calls!


Eze Talk’s Call Blocker will help put an end to nuisance and unwanted calls. It’s already pre-programmed to stop calls from known nuisance numbers. And the ‘block now’ button allows you to log any new unwanted caller numbers to the unit’s memory to permanently block them in future.

Only speak to the people you want to speak to!

The all-in-one solution for stopping those unwanted calls.

  • No more annoying calls
  • Pre-programmed with 200 of the most persistent nuisance callers
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Block callers at the touch of a button

No more…

  • Silent Calls
  • PPI Calls
  • Recorded Messages
  • Overseas Call Centres
  • Harassment Calls
  • Robo Calls
  • Unwanted Numbers
  • VOIP Nuisance Callers
  • International Calls
  • Withheld Numbers

Contact us now to order your Call Blocker – just £59.99!*

*Only £2 a month with discounted caller display when ordered alongside a new 24 month contract.

(inc. VAT and P&P)

1 year warranty. Caller ID must be enabled on your phone line for this product to work effectively. A modern phone with Caller Display is recommended and is not included with Call Blocker.