Tips for speedy broadband connection

There’s nothing more annoying than slow broadband connection whilst you’re streaming your favourite TV show, or doing a bit of online shopping. So, we thought we’d share some great tips to bring your connection back up to speed.

  1. Update your browser – Updates are always being made to web browsers so using the latest version should reduce the time it takes to surf and download webpages. If you feel you are constantly having issues with your website browser, consider switching software altogether.There are a number of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.
  2. Reposition Router – You may think this is a bit of a silly tip but the position of your router can effect the quality of your wireless connection. Place the router in an area which has as few obstructions and interference as possible. Try placing the router away from appliances which emit wireless signals and avoid barriers such as walls and doors. This will help achieve a speedy connection.
  3. Check Wi-Fi settings – Your router has lots of different settings that can ultimately affect the strength of your wireless signal, but these can easily be tweaked and adjusted to help get the most out of your broadband. Check your manual for instructions on how to adjust the settings.
  4. Secure your network  – The most important factor broadband users must ensure is to secure their wireless network. If you’re sharing your connection with unauthorised users then they’ll be using up valuable bandwidth, meaning that the speed of your connection and download allowance will be affected, not to mention the security threat this will pose. Make this your first priority!

If these measures still don’t get you the results you’re expecting, then maybe it’s time to switch provider.


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