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About us

At the start of the millennium, we began our mission to save customers money on their telephone, broadband and mobile bills.

For so long it had been about the BIG faceless providers, putting prices up mid-way through contracts so customers often didn’t know where they stood.

We didn’t want to be like this. We wanted to be different, for it to be personal. So, we created Eze Talk. Twenty years later, we proudly remain a family run business and continue to provide low cost broadband, landline and mobile to thousands of homes across the UK.

We keep things simple and keep costs to a minimum, we choose not to spend heavily on advertising or sports, so we can pass the savings onto our customers.

Speak to a friendly Eze Talk customer service agent

We promise not to increase your price at any time whilst you are still in contract, it just makes life so much simpler.

What’s more, with our personal service guarantee, you can be assured of the highest level of customer care from our friendly, UK based team.

Why choose Eze Talk?

Piggy Bank

Great savings compared to BT and other providers

100 guarantee

A guarantee call costs won’t rise during your contract


Reliable, fast network

UK based support

UK-based customer support


Free calls to other Eze Talk customers


Extra discount on calls to your own mobile


Our service guarantee


Totally unlimited broadband

Switching to Eze Talk is Eze!


Call or email us to place your order


We’ll contact your supplier to organise the switch


Get online! You’ll be up and running with our fastest, best value broadband ever

Ready to get started?

Interested in exploring what options are best suited to you and your needs?

Speak to a friendly Eze Talk customer service agent